Virtual conference world

The following provides general information about our virtual conference world at meetyoo.



Entry into the virtual conference world

1 week before the conference, every registered visitor will receive the access link to the virtual conference world, a personal password and a short written introduction to the virtual conference world by e-mail.

This information e-mail will be sent to the mail address given during registration.

No software has to be installed on your computer. Access is provided by the internet browser of your choice.
Please do not use Internet Explorer, however, as it is not compatible with the platform.


Live discussion

After each lecture block (with 3 or 4 lectures) there will be an online live discussion with the speakers of the block in the respective virtual room.

Viewers can use the chat function to send questions to the chairperson. The chairperson will read out the questions to the relevant lecturer.



All lectures and poster lectures will be held exclusively in our virtual conference world.
At the time specified in the agenda, the lecture videos (which are recorded in advance) will be played automatically.
The poster presentations will remain available at any time during the entire conference.
All videos (lectures, posters, Wednesday live streaming) can still be viewed after the conference until November 30th, 2020.



The virtual conference world on meetyoo offers participants the opportunity to rate all presentations or poster presentations.
Therefore, as the organizer, we will determine the best 3 presentations after the conference.
We therefore hope for numerous reviews.


Frequently asked questions

As a lecturer, can I see who is watching my lecture?
Unfortunately this is technically not possible.

How do I enter the virtual conference world?
Please register before the conference as participant at
Once accomplished, you will receive your access data and an introduction (tutorial) to our virtual conference world by email 1 week before the conference.
You can register for the conference on the website until November 13th, 2020. Susequent registrations are only possible using a meetyoo registration tool. The corresponding link will be published here on November 14th, 2020.

How to deal with problems?
If you have been able to register in the virtual conference world, please contact the organizer Ms. Tanja Trieb via the virtual 'Information'.
If the registration did not work, you can contact the organizer Ms. Tanja Trieb by phone or email.

How to find my way in the virtual conference world?
You will find the following areas in the virtual conference world:
A video appears in the virtual entrance hall in which organizer Prof. Roland Pomberger welcomes all visitors.
Information (virtual conference office)
This is where documents such as the agenda, assistance, etc. are stored for you. You can also send requests to the organizer, Ms. Tanja Trieb, during the conference.
All partner companies are present at their virtual exhibition stands. Details about the exhibitors can be found below under 'Who is an exhibitor?'.
Lounge (ReUse coffee house)
Here you may get in touch with other conference participants - either via chat or face-to-face video chat.
'Virtual auditorium' room
In this room the program of the first conference day (Wednesday) will be played.
Program items: welcome, keynote speech, plenary lectures, ISWA award ceremony, waste dispute and Top of Circular Solution Start-Ups
'Lectures A', 'Lecture B', 'Lecture C' & 'Lecture D' rooms (Vorträge)
The lectures of the conference will be played here.
'Poster' room
Here you can find the poster presentations for the conference.

Who is an exhibitor?
Our company partners introduce themselves at virtual exhibition standsin the virtual 'Exhibition' room (Messe). Documents and videos are available here for information purposes. If you have any questions about the company or their products and services, please, contact the respective stand supervisor.

How can I get in touch with other participants?
In the lounge (ReUse coffee house) you can get in touch with other conference participants - either via chat or face-to-face video chat.

As a poster presenter, can I see how my poster lecture was currently rated and how often was it rated?
Sorry, the ratings are not visible during the conference - only afterwards.

As a presenter, can I see how my lecture was currently rated and how often was it rated?
Unfortunately, this function is only availabe for the poster presentations.

How do I get the written contributions to the conference proceedings 2020?
Due to the corona-virus, it will unfortunately not be possible in 2020 to output the conference proceedings electronically on a USB stick. Therefore, the room “Downloads” was set up in the virtual conference world, where you can find the written contributions.

How do I get to the presentations or posters?
Unfortunately, the presentations of the lectures and the posters of the poster lectures cannot made available.

How do I get the (poster) lecture videos?
Unfortunately, the (poster) lecture videos can only be viewed in the virtual conference world and cannot be downloaded.


Links & documents

Here you can access a live platform presentation of the WEKA Industriemedien GmbH company for Recy & DepoTech 2020 participants dated September 10th, 2020 (information starting at 1:18).

Here you find general information about the meetyoo virtual trade fair tool.

Specific information for lectureres can be found here.
Specific information for poster lecturerers can be found here.
Specific information for exhibitors can be found here.


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