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November 13th-15th, 2024 in Leoben (Austria)

Registration for company-partnership

Partnership registrations are possible until September 30, 2024.


To finalize your partnership, please simply send an e-mail to rdt@unileoben.ac.at.

Please include the following information:

  1. Under which company name should your company be listed as a partner?
  2. Which partner package would you like to conclude?
  3. Who may we name as the contact person for future questions and information e-mails?
  4. Please also send us the following billing information
    • Company name (if different from point 1)
    • Address, zip code, city
    • VAT number
    • Bank details (for easier allocation of payments)
      • Account holder (if different from point 1)
      • IBAN
      • BIC
    • (If required) E-mail address for electronic transmission of the invoice
    • (If desired) Your order number


We will confirm receipt of your e-mail within 2 working days.

You will then receive details and information on the next steps from us separately - always allowing sufficient time before a deadline.


We look forward to having you as a partner for Recy & DepoTech 2024.

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Registration for company-partnership