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November 18th-20th, 2020 in Leoben (Austria)

Package information

On the following pages you can find all information about the different packages of Recy & DepoTech.

The prices on the following pages are gross for net prices as universities in Austia and their chairs are not entitled to deduct VAT and therefore cannot charge VAT.



Benefits Virtual stand with  Personalized stand design 3 avatars as stand support 3 screens for product videos Up to 25 documents for do … read more ›


Benefits Virtual stand with  4 stand designs to choose from 2 avatars as stand support 2 screens for product videos Up to 15 documents f … read more ›


Benefits Virtual stand with  Basic stand design 1 avatar as stand support 1 screen for a product videos Up to 10 documents for download … read more ›
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Package information